St Brigid's RC Primary School

Behaviour Policy

St Brigid’s Behaviour Policy 2017-2018

At St Brigid’s we value each person as a unique individual created by God. It is our aim that everybody reaches their true potential and therefore have very high expectations of behaviour. Our behaviour policy is written in the light of the gospel and our school mission statement. (full behaviour policy pdf available at the end of this page)



We promote 4 rights to support everyone to be the best we can be as we ‘Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.’:

Everyone has the right to feel safe

Everyone has the right to respect and dignity

Everyone has the right to learn

Every adult has the right to do their job.


These rights are promoted in every classroom by:


Being displayed

Being promoted by each class’s ‘Class Charter’ which is written and agreed by the class team




The Classroom Charter written by the children with the help of their teacher at the start of the year is based on the following expectations:

Wear the uniform with pride

Be ready and willing to learn

Sit and listen

Follow instructions first time

Take care of things

Be polite

Use kind words

Have gentle hands and feet


All rights and responsibilities are covered and promoted by their class charter.

It is the children’s decision to respond to their rights and responsibility and to display their responses in their classrooms.



Appendix 1: The School Behaviour System

We ensure that it is delivered in an age appropriate way.

Positive behaviour has positive consequences which is celebrated in a variety of ways:

  • Green behaviour awards daily, weekly, half-termly and annually
  • Spot children being good praise at every opportunity
  • House points
  • Stickers for exceptional effort, work or homework may also be given
  • Star of the week/term certificates and rewards
  • Parents informed
  • Attendance and punctuality rewards
  • Badges


Going for Gold!

  • A green sticker for every day within a half term = Gold badge, photograph and reward activity

  • 6/6 terms of gold = annual celebration activity


Negative behaviour also has negative consequences

  • lose of green sticker
  • Lost learning time
  • Meetings with parents
  • Exclusion from lunchtimes
  • Internal exclusion
  • Fixed term exclusion
  • Permanent exclusion


We have a fresh start everyday policy- all children back on green unless behaviour warrants longer consequences as outline on the chart in the full behaviour policy

When children struggle with their behaviour, we are committed to working with both the child and the parents in a variety of ways and this has been very successful to date. Every child is different and unique and we continue to find new ways to support different children in different situations.

Behaviour Policy - Going for Green!