St Brigid's RC Primary School

Curriculum Homework

Dear Parent/Carers


February 2018


One of our key aims at St Brigid’s is that your child is given access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Throughout this academic year we have been focusing on a more enriched curriculum and have adapted our Topic work. As a result at the start of every half term each class will have a whole week of “Topic” work which will focus on an area of History or Geography and also include other subjects such as Art and DT in order to educate the whole child. We have found this to be very successful; the pupils have found the new curriculum very enjoyable and engaging.   


Attached to this letter you will see that we are developing a new way of helping you to support your child’s learning in school, called ‘Topic Organisers’. The idea behind the Topic Organiser is to allow children the time to do some pre-learning linked with their class topic work. We would hope that the children to return to school after half term knowing some of the key information, perhaps remembering key dates and places and able to read (and spell) the Key Words.


We have suggested some things to find out and do, which will support your child’s learning in school. As you know, any additional help that you can give your children at home will impact really positively on their learning at school.


We hope that you find the Topic Organisers a useful guide to supporting your child at school. This is our first attempt, so any feedback would be gratefully received.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss C Griffin

Topic Lead