St Brigid's RC Primary School

Equality and Diversity Policy


The Governing Body and the school aim to:

 carry out their legal duty in complying with the relevant legislation set out in Appendix A

 reinforce the school’s position as a provider of high quality education and as a good employer providing development opportunities;

 ensure that equality remains high on the school’s strategic agenda;

 establish good people management practice and to set out a proactive agenda in which discrimination is recognised as an organisational issue which needs an organisational response;

 achieve a staffing composition that as far as possible reflects the composition of the wider community;

 ensure all staff work together with a shared sense of purpose to meet the needs of every pupil;

 ensure that pupils and staff contribute towards a happy and caring environment by showing respect for, and appreciation of, one another as individuals; ensure that complaints or evidence of failure to comply with the school’s equal opportunities aims and objectives will be dealt with promptly and fully investigated according to the relevant procedure (eg complaints relating to staff may be investigated either under the disciplinary, grievance or anti-harassment procedures as appropriate). All forms of unlawful behaviour itemised in Appendix B by any person within the school’s responsibility will be treated seriously as such behaviour is unacceptable.

Equal opportunities implications, including race equality, will be considered and recorded whenever school policies are developed or reviewed in order to provide a comprehensive and consistent process of monitoring and evaluation.

The success of action on Equal Opportunities is closely linked to the provision of relevant training. Governors will be encouraged to take up all relevant opportunities provided by the school, Diocese and/or Local Authority.