St Brigid's RC Primary School

Looked After Children (LAC) Policy

The Policy (Please refer to the full policy in PDF)

The Objective:

To promote the educational achievement and welfare of pupils in care.

The Name of the Designated Teacher for Children in Care for the school Sarah Day, Inclusion Leader.

To ensure that all staff, both teaching and non-teaching, are aware of the difficulties and educational disadvantage faced by children and young people 'in care' and understand the need for positive systems of support to overcome them.

To inform members of staff of the general educational needs of children who are in care, and to promote the involvement of these children in school homework clubs, extracurricular activities, home reading schemes, school councils etc.

To act as an advocate for children and young people in care.

• To develop and monitor systems for liaising with carers and colleagues.

To hold a supervisory brief for all children in care, e.g. to ensure all relevant education and care information is available to school staff and carer(s), and that this information is kept up to date.

To monitor the educational progress of all children who are looked-after in order to inform the school's development plan.

To intervene if there is evidence of individual underachievement, absence from school or internal truancy.

To ensure that the educational targets within the Personal Education Plan are implemented fully and that all relevant staff are aware of them.

To advise on the rationale for the allocation of the Pupil Premium Allowance during the Personal Education Planning meeting.

To be responsible for the appropriate allocation of the Pupil Premium for children looked after and to be accountable for how it is spent.

To report to the Governing Body at least on an annual basis on the outcomes for looked after children.

• Work with Individual Children in Care.

To work with individual children, possibly alongside a carer, to arrive at a statement about their care arrangements and circumstances that they would be happy to share with staff and/or pupils.

To enable the child to make a contribution to the educational aspects of their Care Plan.

To implement the Personal Education Plan for each child and review it as required in the notes of guidance as this will contribute to the educational component of their care plan.

To ensure that a Home-School Agreement is drawn up with the primary carer and signed by the Social Worker.

To supervise the smooth induction of a new looked after child into the school.