St Brigid's RC Primary School

The Reading Council

February 2018 


The reading council have been very busy!   But what is their impact so far?


(1) Support to redesign the school library - meeting with the designers and pitching their ideas and thoughts about remodelling the library and class room book areas. 


(2) The Reading Councillors feel that children in their class, are having their reading records signed more regularly. 


(3) The Reading Councillors feel that more people want to use the school library now.  In the past they felt that everyone just walked past it but now children even argue over books!


(4) The Reading Councillors feel that they make sure that their class reading corners are tidy and they feel that their reading corners are used much more than they were last year.  


So what are their next steps?

(1) To keep a record of class daily reads to ensure equity within each class. 

(2) To set up 2 book lunchtime clubs 

Meet St Brigid's Reading Council!

Meet St Brigid's Reading Council! 1

Reading Council Meeting 13th December 2017 



  • Library visits 
  • Purchase of new reads 
  • Poetry day 
  • writing day based on Hansel and Gretel 



Not all classes have been to the library

T has produced a list of books that need purchasing and has cleared an area in the library - they are the latest ones out.

Mrs Miles is going to a book shop on Monday and we need to choose 3 reading Councillors to go. 

Poetry day and poet organised for next half term.  

Access wanted by the group to research and make posters etc

Discussed Hansel and Gretel 

T wants to check class reads. 

T discussed a list of what needs doing 



TS to write down opening times of the library and to liaise with MG

Reading Councillors to talk to their teachers (at lunch time) and book a visit to the library for next term with a clear idea of why they are going 

1st class to go to the library get a class certificate and an ice pop

T to fairly organise who could go and to see Mrs Sinclair tomorrow so letters can be written. 

Reading councillors - research year group appropriate poems to read and learn that day 

T to discuss with Mr Howard - 2 laptops for reading council. 

Mrs Sinclair to mention class reads in briefing to all adults. 

T to arrange a group to discuss library improvements with MG.


Meet Monday at 2pm 



Reading Council Meeting 17th November 2017



  • Reading activities 
  • Roles of reading council
  • next steps for reading 



P - talked about a reading party 

O - talked about a reading show/ play - we can have groups and talk about different authors every week - what books they write (7 votes)

K - we could act different performances about an authors life 

O -  we can have a club on how to make authors books 

E - maybe each class could have a book for a weeks topic - a book that we choose every week 

C - during breaktime we could have a club in the sunshine room 

M - maybe on Fridays and Thursdays we can try books in different classrooms 

T - maybe once a month we could do a reading play about an author 

J - we could do it in the ICT suite and look at authors 

M - we could go in the ICT suite and write our own comics 

E - we can do pictures around school to encourage reading 

T - to support children to read - a reading wall ( 6 vot




  • 7 votes for a reading play 
  • 6 votes for a reading wall; do a recommend wall 

1st September 2017

This September we are launching our very first Children's Reading Council.  We will be looking to appoint 2 reading councillors per class.  The role of the Reading Council will be to

  • develop reading opportunities at break and lunch times
  • lead reading for pleasure clubs at lunch times
  • take care of and maintain the central library area
  • ensure book areas in their classroom are fantastic and used
  • develop pupil voice around reading - finding out about books that need to be purchased and how children feel about reading
  • making sure every class visits Beswick library at least once a term
  • engaging parents - finding out about what parents have been reading
  • supporting half term reading days
  • supporting and promoting the 'Bring a book to lunch' days


All children will have the opportunity to apply to be a Reading Councillor. 


More information to follow!