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The Reading Council

Meet St Brigid's Reading Council!

Meet St Brigid's Reading Council! 1

2nd Reading Council Meeting - 16th October 2017



Actions from last meeting

Reading day




(1) All this week, reading councillors to continue to do questionnaires at playtime.  T and J to make sure that everything is ready to use.

(2) All councillors to meet with their teacher to discuss reading day on November 3rd and as part of it, to organise parents coming in to listen to their child read.

(3) All councillors to meet and discuss a library visit with their teacher.

(4) Councillors to make sure that they continue to promote 'Bring a book to lunch' days - these days are under 'Parents' on the website. 

(5) AOB - T and R to put reading posters around school and J to put up bring a book to lunch days on the reading councillor display


Next Meeting

Friday 3rd November

12.45pm in the ICT room

1st Reading Council Meeting 4th October 2017


  • Congratulations!
  • Photograph for the website
  • Pupil voice - questionaires on reading
  • Friday - bring a book to lunch
  • AOB



  • M and T to arrange an adult in school to take a group photograph.  To be ready by the end of the week.
  • Thursday 5th October - high vis jackets and clip boards - all children to do questionnaires with some of their class at break time.  T and O to sort out high vis jackets.   Y4 councillors to help the Y2 councillors
  • Bring a book to lunch Friday 6th October - (1) T group to do motivational posters for around school (2) M group to organise baskets of books (3) K group want to ask children questions about their books
  • Organise children taking books outside on book lunch day
  • Sunshine room on Friday for reading at lunch time
  • T asked if we can have a request box -  T to arrange a team to make the box and go around to explain it. 


Next meeting Tuesday 17th October 12.45pm in the Sunshine Room


1st September 2017

This September we are launching our very first Children's Reading Council.  We will be looking to appoint 2 reading councillors per class.  The role of the Reading Council will be to

  • develop reading opportunities at break and lunch times
  • lead reading for pleasure clubs at lunch times
  • take care of and maintain the central library area
  • ensure book areas in their classroom are fantastic and used
  • develop pupil voice around reading - finding out about books that need to be purchased and how children feel about reading
  • making sure every class visits Beswick library at least once a term
  • engaging parents - finding out about what parents have been reading
  • supporting half term reading days
  • supporting and promoting the 'Bring a book to lunch' days


All children will have the opportunity to apply to be a Reading Councillor. 


More information to follow!