St Brigid's RC Primary School

COVID Catch up Premium

St Brigid’s RC Primary School                  Catch-up premium: coronavirus (COVID-19)    


  1. Summary Information

Academic Year


Total number of eligible pupils


Total amount of catch up premium



The Government are granting £80 per pupil from Reception to Year 6 as part of a catch up premium. 

The best practise for expenditure is highlighted by EEF who identify 3 layers of support (1) Teaching (2) Targeted support (3) Wider strategies. 

Many interventions and catch up resourcing have been highlighted within the pupil premium report and although the % of PP was used to accurately determine costs – the strategies apply to non PP who have fallen behind.  This plan has been cross referenced with the PP strategy- identifying the planned support (please cross reference for costs) under the 3 headings identified by EEF.


Our overall aim is to ensure that the children make best progress so that the majority are on track in Maths, English whilst delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.  To evaluate the impact of interventions and resourcing, internal data from this current academic year with be compared with outcomes from last year’s internal data as well as any EYFS/KS1 results where appropriate. 



Total PPG received 2020 - 2021


Total Catch up premium 2020 - 2021


Total expenditure (2 strategies combined)


Remaining money

- £48,656




Sustained professional development as the most important lever to improve outcomes for pupils

Sustaining TA support in YR and Key Stage 1

High expectations in Literacy and Mathematics. 

Teaching and learning outcomes in Maths and English


Sustaining TA support in Y3 and Y4 – 2 and a half days for Year 3 and 2 and a half days for Y4


High expectations in Literacy and Mathematics.

Teaching and learning outcomes in Maths and English

Purchase of additional quality texts to support (1) Independent home reading (2) guided and reciprocal reading books (3) book gifting


Children exposed to and provided with a range of quality texts.  Impact on reading progress and attainment

Maths Lead training and cover

Working with maths hub to develop teaching for mastery across all year groups.  Inspire maths in KS1 embedded.

Sustained professional development in maths strengthens teaching and learning outcomes in maths



Targeted Support  (see PP strategy document)

Support for those not making good progress.  Targeted support through explicit teaching linked to content of daily lessons.  Consistent delivery to ensure best outcomes.

DHT, KS1 phase leader and HT deployment to support reading across the school


Delivery of additional guided reading KS1 and reciprocal reading KS2.

Attainment and progress in reading across the key phases is accelerated (due to COVID closure).  Reading is broadly in line with national in all KS2 classes

Speech and language

  • ‘Wellcomm’ pack and training
  • Speech and language therapist 
  • TA delivery of Nuffield speech and language in YR

Outcomes of pupils.

Teaching and Learning: Reading, writing, communication

Additional adults employed and deployed across the school to release teachers to target pupils to ensure catch up literacy and maths interventions in all classes with a focus on PP


Lower attaining children who are at risk of not achieving aspirational targets – attain and make best progress


Wider Strategy

Support for significant non academic barriers to achievement

Mental Health and well-being – bubble provision at lunchtimes

  • Lunch time resourcing to ensure children are active, engaged and emotionally happy


Reduced incidents of non-green behaviour at lunchtimes



Targeted support for emotional literacy

Improving health and well-being -

- Mental health and wellbeing training

- Lego therapy (delivered by TA)

- Play therapy (delivered by play therapist)

- CBT (delivered by external specialist)

- Optiminds brain training – Spring 2021onwards (delivered by external specialist)


Class room

More frequent delivery of My Happy minds and daily check ins


Specific interventions

(one to one or very small group) support all individuals with their personal development, behaviour and welfare