St Brigid's RC Primary School

Indoor and outdoor home activities




Make paper aeroplanes

Make salt dough

Make a bookmark 

Paint animal rocks 

Make paper boats

Paint a jar

Draw a self portrait

Decorate old T-shirts

Paint leaves

Make friendship bracelets

Make egg box flowers







Play snap 

Pick 2 cards and multiply

Play I spy 

Play would you rather 

Play charades

Play hangman 

Play noughts and crosses

Play hopscotch 

Play hide and seek 

Do a jigsaw

Play board games 






Build a den 

Write a journal 

Have a tea party 

Have a movie day

Do yoga 

Make a treasure hunt 

Bake some cakes 

Make a pizza 

Make some sandwiches

Build something with lego 






Indoor Scavenger Hunt 

  • Find a spoon
  • Find something that is red
  • Find 2 things that have wheels 
  • Find an orange crayon 
  • Find something that is soft
  • Find a key 
  • Find an envelope 
  • Find a pair of glasses 
  • Find a plaster 
  • Find something that is round 



Inventor scavenger hunt 

  • Find something that you can turn
  • Find something that is bumpy
  • Find something that is metal
  • Find something you twist 
  • Find something shiny 
  • Find something you can roll
  • Find something that is squishy
  • Find something that is clear 

Rainbow scavenger hunt 

  • Find something yellow
  • Find something blue
  • Find something green
  • Name an animal that is yellow
  • Name a vegetable that is green  
  • Name a fruit that is yellow 
  • Name a drink that is clear 
  • Name your favourite colour!



Garden scavenger hunt 

  • Find 3 kinds of leaves 
  • Find something yellow
  • Find a bug
  • Find something that smells good 
  • Find a bird 
  • Find 3 different coloured stones
  • Find something that is green
  • Name something you see in the sky

Nature scavenger hunt 

This scavenger hunt is only to be completed on your

daily outdoor exercise whilst socially distancing

  • Find 2 tree stumps
  • Find a seed pod
  • Find a spider web 
  • Find a long stick
  • Find 2 things that fly 
  • Find 3 different sized leaves 
  • Find a dandelion weed and blow a wish