St Brigid's RC Primary School

September reopening - information to Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/Carers

We have missed you and all the children very much and we are really looking forward to seeing you in September.

School will start on Thursday 3rd September.

Please read this letter carefully and keep it safe as it holds really important information about the new school year. It will tell you what to expect at the start and the end of each day, what you will need to do to get ready for your child/ren’s return and what you will need to buy.

In line with the latest government guidance and school policies, I wish to inform you of the following:
 Attendance at school is mandatory.
 There will need to be staggered start and end times to reduce the number of people in the area of the school.
 Parents will not be allowed in the building without an appointment and wherever possible, meetings will be carried out remotely or over the phone.
 Only parents with children in EYFS and KS1 will be allowed to bring the children onto the school playground. Parents must not gather and must socially distance. We will keep this under constant review to check that it is working. KS2 children can walk onto the playground without an adult. Please note further information below.
 Class sizes will return to normal, but where possible, we will timetable children to learn in smaller groups.
 There will be a strict hygiene routine in place for cleaning classrooms, classroom tables and equipment, toilets and any other resources children come into contact with.
 Children will be timetabled to wash their hands regularly and correctly. This will be supervised, in addition to before and after food and after going to the toilet.
 The catch it, bin it, kill it principles will be applied.
 Where possible, children will generally mix with their own class mates. This is to limit the number of people they come into contact with.
 Lunches will be eaten in classrooms for the time being except for EYFS.
 Children will need to wear a clean uniform every day. This is to reduce risk of the spread of infection. We advise that it is safe practice to ensure that your child/ren change out of their uniform immediately when they get home and then wash their hands. We appreciate that this may be difficult for some families and are happy to share out the spare uniforms that we have in school. Priority will be given to children on free school meals.
 Children will be limited in what they can bring with them to school from home. All items of clothing must have your child’s name on it. They will need a coat. They will need a filled water bottle with their name on it. The water bottle must only contain water. The water bottle will be brought to school each morning and taken home each afternoon. Parents will need to ensure that the water bottle is cleaned daily. Children can bring in their packed lunch in a packed lunch box/container, if they do not have a school dinner. Children do not need to bring any other bags or equipment. No school bags. Everything your child needs will be provided in school by school.
 PE kit- this must be worn to school on your child’s allocated PE day. This information will be given to you at the start of the new school year. Please ensure that you follow our uniform policy. The PE kit includes a t-shirt, leggings/jogging pants/shorts and plain black trainers. Children must not wear logoed clothes unless it is the school
logo. T-shirts can be white, grey or school (royal) blue- no logos unless it is the school logo. Children can wear leggings, jogging pants or shorts. These can be black, grey, school blue or navy. Trainers must not be logoed. In colder weather, parents are advised that children will be able to wear their school jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan. Earrings must not be worn on your child’s PE day.
 School uniform must be worn. Here is a reminder of our uniform policy. Tops include: school logoed t-shirts (white, grey or school blue), a white polo shirt or a formal white shirt. Children can wear skirts, jogging pants, leggings or trousers which can be grey, black or navy. Jumpers and cardigans must be school blue with or without the school logo. Plain black shoes or plain black trainers- no logos. Only a small round stud is allowed on non PE days. Sensible haircuts only. No colours, beads, tramlines, Mohicans or extreme haircuts. Nail varnish and makeup are not to be worn.
 In line with guidance, there is a policy and procedure in place should there be a suspected case of Covid 19 in the future.
 There will be no whole school assemblies nor large gatherings in the hall.
Further to the guidance:
 Children will be allocated one toilet that they will use. There will be up to 15 children using the same facility.
 Please note that the new Year 3 class will no longer be entitled to universal free school meals which is different to the free school meals that families can apply to by going on the Manchester council website and following the link for free school meals.

Bringing your child/ren to and from school.
Staggered starting and finishing times is important to reduce the number of people coming and going which is safer for everyone. It is essential that all parents socially distance on school premises.

Please note the following information.
Nursery and Reception
All EYFS to be dropped at the EYFS gate at 8:45am and to be picked up from EYFS gate from 3pm to 3:10pm.
Years 1 and 2
All KS1 children to be walked to and dropped off at the drop off/pick up line on yard at 9am and to be picked up at drop off/pick up line from 3:10pm to 3:20pm.
Years 3 and 4
All lower KS2 children to be walked to and dropped off at the front playground gate at 8:50 am. Please do not leave children at gate unsupervised. All lower KS2 children to be picked up at drop off/pick up line from 3:20pm to 3:30pm.
Years 5 and 6
All upper KS2 children to be walked to and dropped off at the front playground gate at 8:40am. Please do not leave children at gate unsupervised. All upper KS2 children to be picked up at drop off/pick up line from 3:30pm-3:40pm. 

Parents and carers guidance for bringing children to school and collecting
 For our safety systems to work, we need parents to bring children at the allocated timeslot for their age group. Please do not be too early or late.
 Only one parent can drop off/pick up.
 Gatherings must be avoided so please leave the school area promptly.
 Social distance wherever possible.
 Make sure that children go to the toilet just before leaving home. 
Due to the tight timescales for coming to and departing from school, it will not be possible for queries to be dealt with by teaching staff. All enquiries to go through the main office by telephone.
If you are late you will need to follow instructions from staff. Please note that as they will be ensuring the safe arrival/departure of others, you will need to wait.
Please be patient with our new systems. They are in line with government guidance and are for the safety of everyone.

A Plea for the return of reading books
Please could you ensure that any reading books that you have at home are returned back to school on Thursday 3rd September. There will be a red post box on the yard for you to put the books in. Thank you for your support in this matter. Books are a valued and expensive resource and we could really do with their return.
Finally, we hope that you stay well and safe during the summer. We wish you a happy summer. May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe in the palm of his hands.

Best Wishes,
Mrs J E Miles