St Brigid's RC Primary School

Summer 2020



As we come to the end of the academic year it is time to reflect on all the events of 2019-20. I also wanted to share with you all that we have been doing, our plans and pay a special tribute to our Year 6 School leavers.


Life before COVID

All the children were learning in school. They enjoyed the great variety of topics planned for them. Year 4 were looking forward to performing in the Shakespeare Festival and there were many trips and wow experiences planned for all classes.


Year 6 were getting ready for SATs, looking forward to Ghyll Head, their leavers’ mass, assembly and performances and of course the notorious water fight- staff versus children. 


Life Since March

We spent over £3,000 on food vouchers to distribute to our families as we didn’t know at that time how the government were going to support families entitled to free school meals. We created a small food bank to provide additional support where needed. The Bread and Butter thing that we helped to get started here continued. Thank God for all their volunteers.


Teachers have planned home learning. They have phoned all the parents. Mr Howard visited all Y6. School has been open for key worker children, identified pupils and on 22nd June we invited our Year 6 back to school following a parent survey. We have done our best to make everyone welcome, safe and happy. We put in place an extensive training programme for all the staff during this strange and unprecedented time. Home learning continued for all classes and we have been busy keeping the website up-to-date. Sadly, we have not been able to give Year 6 the end of year send-off that we would have liked, so instead we have ordered their Leavers’ hoodies, planned their year book and organised a video of them all. We have also invited them to a special farewell day in August. Whilst this is during the holidays, we all feel it is really important to give them time back in school.


We have washed and ironed all the spare school/PE uniform we have in school and have offered it to all families. We still have plenty left so if you would like some for the start of the school year just ring school to let us know. We will send out another text to you in August to remind you of this offer.


Throughout this time, we have been blessed with many kind messages of both gratitude and genuine regard for the well-being of all the staff, as well as the wider community. Thank you so much.


Life in the future

We have been very busy planning for September, ready to welcome everyone back to St Brigid’s. Every classroom, cupboard, storage area, reading corner, library has been sorted and all areas cleaned and organised ready for September. If we can’t love our children face-to-face, we’ll love them from afar by making the school environment light, bright and welcoming ready for their return in September.


We have completed our risk assessment, plans and staff handbook for the new way of working in September. This has been a lengthy, but essential process. We have planned the purpose and design of the Autumn curriculum. We are really aware that children will need time to get back in the swing of school life and learning, so we have planned the support needed for this.


We are having phase 2 of the electrical work over the Summer, so ensuring that the plans for this reflect the needs of our school has been a priority. We have also put in place plans to have new KS1 toilets and provide additional toilets for both pupils and staff. This is to help make everyone safer and it will be done to our usual high standard. Every KS1 and 2 class rooms will have 2 sinks installed to facilitate the need for regular and increased handwashing. We also have installed numerous sanitiser machines.


We are planning on painting the playground near church to create something bright, colourful and welcoming- budget allowing. It will look like a cross between a sunshine and a rainbow. There will be different colour paths for different year groups to help guide you and the children into school and will have a clear pick up/drop off point. We have also brought a giant marque to be an outdoor learning space.


All of this is for the good of our school community, who have been utmost in our thoughts and prayers throughout this time.



School Leavers 2019-2020 Year 6 tribute

This class has been a truly lovely class. They have worked hard, been fun to be around and have helped to lead the school. Whilst their last year has been cut short, our memories of them are infinite and we will cherish them. Choosing children for the awards this year has been particularly difficult as so many of the children could have been chosen for the following awards. When we have our special day with Y6 we will be celebrating what makes each of them special and we will also be presenting the following awards.


Winifred Mayo Award for Outstanding Contribution to the life of the school


Chidera and Angel


Frank Smith Award for the Outstanding Sportsperson




The Chaplaincy Award


Amelia and Monique


Frances Boyd Award for Special Achievement




William Francis Award for Effort


Frank and Kayen


Finally, we wish Year 6 all the very best for their wonderful futures in high school. We have great faith in their ability to shine and to show kindness to the world and people in it. We look forward to our day with Year 6 in August.


And to everyone -We wish you all a wonderful, happy and above, safe, summer. We have missed you all so much and we look forward to seeing you all and being reunited with you in September.


May the road rise up to meet you, the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand.