St Brigid's RC Primary School

Pupil Chaplains

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Our school established a school chaplaincy team in 2016. The purpose of our Pupil Chaplains is to promote friendship, love and respect in school and the wider community and uphold the mission statement.


Throughout the coming year, the Pupil Chaplains will support prayer and worship throughout the school through Rosary, Advent prayers, whole school assemblies and masses.  They will support and meet with staff and pupils on a regular basis.   Local charities will be supported through fundraising events held in school.


Our Pupil Chaplains are:


Osasu Aimuyo


Megan Burns


Martin Collins


Carla Kameni


Shiloh Kinsala


Esmeralda Mendes


Mary Mongan


Aghogho Oghuvwu


Millie Ojungu


Ayo Olaniyi


Sam Walsh