St Brigid's RC Primary School

Message from the Head

September 2020


Dear Parents,

Firstly, a huge welcome back to one and all. Thank you so much for your support and thoughtfulness with all our new plans. We have had to put in very considered measures in light of COVID 19, but we also want to be true to the happy, caring, welcoming school we have always been.

We have done as much as we can to be ready to open and to keep our children safe. These include:

  • Staggered starts and ends to the school day to reduce the number of people gathering.
  • New toilets and more of them
  • Two sinks in all KS1 and 2 classrooms
  • Additional cleaning throughout the school day
  • Working in bubbles
  • Regular hand washing and sanitiser use
  • KS1 and 2 eating their lunches in the classrooms with ‘deliveroo’ style deliveries
  • Staff and lunchtime organisers allocated to work with particular bubbles
  • Detailed risk assessments
  • Bought and built a marquee for outdoor learning
  • Organised the playground to make the start and end of the day safer

The first September newsletter will give you more information on the plans we have put in place now that school has reopened.  

Thank you for your amazing support. Stay safe and remember you are precious and loved.