St Brigid's RC Primary School

School Uniform

It is our school policy that all children must wear school uniform.  We aim to keep the cost of the school uniform down. We do this by giving options on what can be worn and offering flexibility. 


School Uniform Requirements

  • Plain white blouse or Polo Shirt 
  • School blue or navy t-shirt 
  • School blue Sweatshirt, fleece jacket, or cardigan 
  • GREY (or black) trousers, leggings, jogging pants or shorts
  • GREY (or black) skirt or pinafore
  • PLAIN black shoes or trainers (No boots and No logos)
  • Socks preferably white, grey, blue or black

Summer Uniform can also include (optional)

  • Light blue gingham style dresses or knee length school shorts 


You can buy your uniform from any local supermarket.   Current costings for one of the local supermarkets are 

2 pack of school trousers from £7

2 pack of school skirts from £6

2 pack of plain white t shirts from £2

2 pack of polo shirts from £2.50

Pack of 5 short sleeved white shirts from £6

School blue non-logo cardigans and jumpers from £6

2 pack of joggers from £8

2 pack of shorts from £3

Pumps from £3 (not compulsory)

Trainers/shoes- plain black trainers (no logos) from £10

Gingham dresses from £4.50

Uniform dresses/Pinafores from £6/£9

We recommend plain black trainers rather than shoes because they can also be used for PE.


Uniform cost based on local supermarket:

Cheapest uniform based on 1 child’s needs for the week:

4 polo shirts- £6, 2 t shirts- £2.50, 2 pack of trousers- £7, trainers- £10, school jumper/cardigan- £6 x 2= £12, shorts 2 pack- £5 = £42.50.

Should parents choose a school logoed jumper instead, these start at approximately £10 per jumper from local supplier, Ziggy's, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE A CHOICE. As a school we are happy with the non-logoed jumpers.

We also have pre-loved uniform which is free, which has been in place for a number of years. This is also the most environmentally friendly way of kitting children out for school.

Following a survey of school reported on the BBC,   uniform costs in the UK, has found the average cost of compulsory school uniform and sportswear items is £315 per pupil. We do not believe that uniforms should be expensive and should be accessible for all families. 


Extreme Hair Styles (including tramlines) 

The school does not permit children to have ANY haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children. This includes conspicuous markings eg tramlines and Mohicans, or Mohican like styles. No colours or styles which would be considered as extreme are allowed and no extreme graduation of cut and hair length across the hair. We strongly advise that parents/carers check with school before they get their child’s hair cut if they are unsure in anyway as staff are always happy to help.

Make-up and nail varnish have no place in the day-to-day running of St Brigid’s Primary School and are not allowed. Wet hair gel and beads in hair are also inappropriate on health and safety grounds. Tattoos of any type are simply not permitted.


School Uniform and Appearance Full Policy